Cumberland Cathodic Protection Limited
A Subsidiary of Al-Dorra Petroleum Services

CCPL has provided Cathodic Protection serving throughout the world for more than 80 years. The company was established in 1912 when the Commander Elliot Cumberland developed an electrolytic prevention system which was to be the first impressed current cathodic protection system commercially available. Subsequently the company has pioneered innovation in the design of impressed current cathodic protection technology for Power Stations, Jetties, Pipelines and other buried or immersed metal structure.

CCPL is considered to be the world oldest cathodic protection company. The company has always been synonymous with the development of cathodic protection technology and in modern times can show an extensive track record dating back to the 1960ís.

Engineering staff have world-wide experience in both onshore and offshore system applications. Key personnel are qualified and experienced in all aspects of cathodic protection in the U.K. Europe, Africa, Middle East and other overseas territories. The engineering team is well versed in installation, commissioning, audit, monitoring and maintenance work.

Specialist survey techniques including Pearson, Electromagnetic Coating Attenuation and Close Interval Potential Survey are carried out by specialist field crews, qualified and experienced in both data gathering and interpretation of these specialized survey techniques.